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Harnessing great ability, proven techniques and opportunity to lead to successful outcomes.

Levi and Vasey’s vision is simple and straightforward. A brighter future where organisations work together to support each other for ethical and sustainable human and economic growth, where disused land and communities are brought back into useful, economical use and where we set the trend in finding the right solutions for your organisation.

In 2017 Saffron Wylde decided to turn her vision into a reality and to bring that vision to others, to create a wonderful and complete service offering which connects and inspires.

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“People and time are the 2 greatest and most precious resources. It’s how we manage and invest in both that determines the return”.


We build long lasting relationships by focusing on the ‘Human Experience’ while delivering inclusive and sustainable solutions in response to our clients’ biggest and most difficult challenges. We do this by holding people at the very heart of our key values:


Inspiration drives our passion and ignites us to successfully collaborate and achieve great things. We do this with a deep investment of humour, compassion, sensitivity, honesty and transparency.


Growing together as people and organisations to ensure that sustainable Human and Economic growth thrives, creating a better society.


Connectivity by removing social barriers and elevating access to opportunities for all without bias. Connecting people, communities and improving access through technology, process and infrastructure.

“Levi and Vasey represented us very well, helping us to create exceptional opportunities for learners within our Free School Programme. They are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for a project and, in particular for us, our academies and our children.”
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